Oh! Those Styles!

Sam: I don't want dessert. I don't want a promotion. I don't want anything.

Mrs. Lowry: Of course you want something. You must have hopes, wishes, dreams.

Sam: No, nothing. Not even dreams!

CSS. Makes stuff pretty. That's all right? Well, you might have heard of Bootstrap just for all the CSS goodies, and they are nice. They're clean, concise, and help guarantee cross-device consistency. What more could you possible want?


Tables in Bootstrap can take on a variety of styles, and are clean and responsive, just like the rest of Bootstrap! Just add class table and any of the samples below.

# Diagnosis ICD-9 Date of Onset
1 Depression 296.2 2013-10-31
2 Diabetes E11.3 2015-01-01
3 Diarrhea 787.97 2015-01-20


Bootstrap has built-in support for forms. All your input elements should have class form-control. You can also assign labels to input elements with the for attribute.


Buttons (btn class used on button or a tags) come in all shapes and sizes, they can be styled contextually as well (see below!).

Contextual Styles

Contextual styles are built-in colors and stylings for text, buttons and other good things. You can use these to indicate certain levels of danger or warning, or just to indicate success!

Paragraph .text-{context}

Quinoa Banksy wayfarers listicle squid. Whatever fap try-hard, DIY Brooklyn fixie occupy plaid drinking vinegar. Sartorial Pinterest XOXO occupy beard Schlitz organic, skateboard YOLO 90's. Occupy bitters pour-over, craft beer deep v disrupt hashtag whatever salvia. Plaid migas Portland Kickstarter hella cardigan. You probably haven't heard of them fingerstache authentic Austin, Neutra slow-carb vegan pop-up Pitchfork kale chips try-hard. Kale chips keytar kogi polaroid cold-pressed, readymade cred DIY messenger bag normcore farm-to-table blog quinoa listicle.

Table {context}

1 I put some stuff here, yo.
2 I put some more stuff here, yo.

Input Groups .has-{context}


Button .btn-{context}

Backgrounds .bg-{context}

Kickstarter selvage food truck drinking vinegar twee you probably haven't heard of them, aesthetic fap Neutra whatever High Life next level hashtag umami. Viral cornhole trust fund disrupt biodiesel, YOLO listicle flannel. Carles bitters sustainable butcher cronut food truck. Mlkshk Vice tote bag, asymmetrical raw denim sustainable narwhal 3 wolf moon cliche whatever before they sold out chillwave synth. Hoodie PBR&B Tumblr, Vice XOXO McSweeney's pickled. Beard Austin wolf Blue Bottle seitan mixtape, fanny pack vegan freegan deep v DIY bitters food truck Carles. Try-hard semiotics leggings ugh, +1 crucifix twee health goth American Apparel Etsy asymmetrical.

Panels .panel-{context}

Panel title

Panel content

Icons and Caret

Basically, making stuff available so you don't have to go out on the web and find some copyright-free crap. Cool beans!


The Glyphicons library is included that's not normally available for free but is in Bootstrap. Thanks dude! Add to buttons and the like. Yahoo! Go ahead and click the button.



Add carets to yer' buttons when you need 'em! Just add an empty span with a caret class.


Well, wells are one of my favorite things. Well, why? Well, I guess I like padding. Just add .well to your div and you're off.